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POK Construction stands tall as the all-encompassing solution for developers and professionals in the hospitality industry, turning your vision into an unforgettable experience.

Interior & Exterior Renovations

Renovations play a crucial role in revitalizing hotel and resort properties, creating inviting and memorable experiences for guests. Whether it is modernizing aesthetics, enhancing functionality, incorporating innovative design elements or upgrading the facades, landscaping, outdoor seating areas, and recreational spaces, our commitment is to emphasize each property's unique brand identity while aiming to exceed clients and ultimately guests expectations.

Pre-Construction Services

POK’s commitment to every client is to Lead Intentionally, approaching every project with a personalized mindset. Whether it is a site evaluation, concept development, a feasibility study or outlining scopes, budgets and timelines; our attention revolves around the collaborative discussions with our stakeholders, setting the stage for a streamlined and well-executed renovation process tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Estimating & Budgetary Proposals

During this part of the process, it is crucial to involve and pay close attention to our clients. Collaboration at every step ensures we can prepare meticulous and detailed assessments and cost projections for various aspects of a project, encompassing construction, furnishings, amenities, and operational expenses. Our team leverages industry expertise to create detailed proposals with the ultimate goal of aligning visions, enabling informed decision-making and seeing every project to successful and timely completion.

Value Engineering

For POK, value engineering is more than just a systematic approach to optimization, it is an opportunity to seek and foster a culture of collaboration with our clients. Through evaluation of building materials, space layouts, and analysis of design we focus on creating ease of maintenance and making the operations team’s day-to-day activities more efficient. These efficiencies translate into operational improvements, maximizing return on investment and ultimately improve guest experiences.

Scope Development


Defining the comprehensive outline of a hotel project, including specific requirements from the PIP, functionalities, and design elements to meet the desired guest experience and operational needs. It involves meticulous planning, conceptualization, and alignment with stakeholders, ensuring that the scope of work accurately reflects the project's objectives while guiding the construction process effectively within the hospitality industry.

Logistics Phasing and Scheduling

Our team coordinates every aspect of a project, from managing resources and materials to tasks and activities that ensures a timely, efficient, and non-disruptive progression of a project. Careful attention is given to the planning and sequencing of tasks, optimizing workflows, and project milestones. Effective logistics and scheduling are essential for maintaining project momentum, controlling costs, and delivering high-quality results for every client, every time.

Quality Control, Quality Rescue

Stringent procedures, constant inspections throughout the construction process, and leveraging the usage of PROCORE technology helps us ensure that timelines, materials, workmanship, and methodologies guarantees a final product meets the highest of expectations. Our team is also well equipped and always ready to rescue poor quality projects ultimately restoring and delivering a structurally sound and satisfactory final product to the client.

Procurement & Material Management

POK’s long standing and partnerships with vendors and suppliers allows for strategic sourcing, timely acquisition, and efficient handling of materials and equipment, ensuring the right resources are available at the right time to support uninterrupted renovation operations. Every project has dedicated internal resources that oversee the inventory and control of OFCI and CFCI materials.

Site Supervision & Safety

Constant oversight of construction activities to ensure adherence to safety protocols, mitigate risks, and maintain a secure environment, prioritizing the well-being of workers and the successful completion of the project. It requires proactive monitoring, regular inspections, and effective communication to uphold safety standards and prevent potential hazards on-site.

Subcontractor Coordination

At POK, our relationships matter. We have forged our partnership with our contractors over the years to benefit every client, every project. Today, managing and overseeing the work of our partners, ensuring their activities align with project specifications and timelines, and maintaining a cohesive workflow throughout the renovation process has become the cornerstone of our concierge experience. It requires effective communication, scheduling, and quality control measures to guarantee that all our tasks integrate seamlessly within the broader project framework, contributing to successful project completion.

Post-Construction Services

POK seeks to establish long-term relationships with all our clients, that means we do not abandon a project at the time of completion, but we take every precaution to ensure the operations team has the needed support as well as a smooth transition. During the final stages of a project, we address inspections, punch list items, and the completion of any outstanding tasks to achieve project closure and client satisfaction. We make sure the laydown yard is dismantled, cleared and clean before we demobilize from the property.

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